The Realisation of an Ill Boy.

Corrine Celia

Part of the Horror series.

The day after the boy's legs were paralysed, the parson visited him and they sat together for fully two hours. During his visit the parson read aloud the reports of witchcraft trials in Lincoln assizes, which the boy greatly enjoyed.

On the next day the parson came again and did the same. So too, the following days. On the sixth day the parson sent a message saying he was unable to visit. His housekeeper's stew had disagreed with him.

Other than Sunday, when he had God's duty, the parson came every day of the following week. He read of the doings of Scotch witches, which the boy also greatly enjoyed.

For six weeks, the visits continued and the parson read of witches in Loudun, in Tilebury and in Chester. Three times, messages came instead of the parson. Once his housekeeper had no clean clothes for him, once he ate an improperly cooked fowl and once his housekeeper needed calming from hysteria.

Then, one day, a message came that the parson had been struck down with a strange affliction after disagreeing with his housekeeper about wasps.

Next morning, the boy accused the Parson's housekeeper of paralysing him by witchcraft.