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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 January

A new year message for all our neighbours

Happy new year to everyone in Tilebury Village. I am very pleased that after a not- inconsiderable effort, I have been able to restart the Tilebury newsletter. After the unfortunate break in publication and the even more unfortunate disappearance of one of the former editors and contributors, it has been a substantial personal effort simply to get the newsletter reissued. Nonetheless, here we are.

The Newsletter has been renamed. This is partially to reflect the change in editorship and partially to mark a formal break between the old paper and the new one. I intend to take the Harbinger in certain interesting directions and do not want to set up unrealisable expectations by giving a false patina of continuity. A Harbinger, of course, is a messenger bringing news first, be it good or bad. That is what I intend to be.

In the Harbinger you can expect to hear all perspectives. I do not intend to censor, although I shall attempt to achieve balance. I shall be fearless and fearsome. But in the best traditions of England of course.

In this issue we have predictions for the future and advice on how to live it in grace without feeling depressed. We also have advice on how to live without a puddle around the sink. We have news of forthcoming filming in the village and descriptions of the wildlife and history with which we interact every day.

I hope you enjoy the fruit of my efforts. Do write in with your observations should any occur to you.

Please address all communications for the attention of The Editor, The Mews Office, Market street.

We have a box at the post office for ideas and notes.