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Dr Brenda Dawes-Burritt (Psychologist)

1 April

Sometimes work is hard. Getting out of bed is one of the most difficult things you do all day and you should remember that. You should give yourself a big mental tick each time you manage it.

Because sometimes you can't bring yourself to get out of bed. And so much of it is psycho-somatic. That means that the weakness which sucks you back into the mattress is mostly in your mind. It's because you can't face getting up to do whatever is on your, no doubt endless, to-do-list.

So, what are the options? When you're lying in bed and some blasted early bird is squawking on about its worm so you can't fall asleep again - what should you do?

Throw a duvet day? I don't think you should rule this out. Most British workers take seven days a year off for illness - have you used your quota?

Balance that against some kind of bribe. My recommendation is to try to vary the bribe. Some mornings a cooked breakfast or a chocolate bar might be enough. Others you might have to allow yourself a quick G&T over the cornflakes (obviously not if you have to commute by car - Ed.).

Whatever it takes try not to give yourself too hard a time over it. The result is what matters. Whatever you had to do to get as far as the shower, whatever you promised yourself - if you have finished breakfast by 11am regard it as success.

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