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Tilebury Events - What's going on and how'd it go?

Fiona Davies

1 April

Leofric Gent

First I want to thank all you lovely, lovely sweet people who have been so kind to me about the unfortunate incident with Mr Gent. Clearly he had better things to do than live up to his promises and turn up to dinner. That's life. I think he comes off worse from this than I do. Anyway, I realised when I met him after the blind date that he is a bit strange looking in person. I was a bit worried that he might have put me off my ogden melon or profiteroles if we had been face to face over a dining table. So it was probably for the best.


And almost everyone has been so sympathetic and supportive (you can't stop some people gossiping behind your back but I don't think it's worth listening to the opinions of anyone who indulges in such things). So it's all behind me now.

Love (and Spring) is in the Air

But enough of that. To more positive things. It's spring and in spring everything wakes up and smells the coffee and, if is lucky, the flowers and chocolates. Passion. That is what I am talking about Girls and Bs - there is a stirring of passion! Like Little Mel and Jimmy K? Firstly a Blind Date (you're welcome - proof of success despite the disinformation some petty nay-sayers seem keen to spread). Then, last week, spied hand in hand by the old bridge.

hearts and flowers

Come on Mel - anything to report? I can imagine why you've been keeping it low-key. There's a lady we have to refer to (for some reason - probably legal issues) as Miss Star Struck who might be a little volatile if she knew all the little notes she's been bombarding poor Jimmy with over the last three months have made him think she's a bunny-boiler. Oops! Did I say that?!!

Or maybe Miss Bump has a secret admirer? No, you're right - its unlikely. Unless she's been making friends with the Grungies down in that little park by the William Jenns school. I hope she likes lots of hair and bare chests! (not that that is a bad thing, I'm generally in favour...)

And I'm working on another big expose! In the older generation - isn't 'courting' after forty-five so sweet?! Someone you all know but might not expect. That's got you looking down your list hasn't it, eh? Tell you next time. Maybe. Unless there's an injunction. (or is it a super-injunction these days?)

Dead Important and Going Places

And I'm sure you have also seen a few familiar faces back in town. Mick M has kindly brought his peculiar mix of self-importance and ineptitude back to town after his brief flirtation with commerce in the capital. I suspect neither the capital nor he knows quite what he was trying to do there. Trust me, two years going out with him at school means I know whereof I speak.

And old Charlie-horse! I was so delighted to see old Blunt Haggis after all these years. The Village simply does not have enough Elves when she is away. I understand they taught her something at university and I can't wait to find out what it was.

Less important and staying here

And I have to observe that there are some very dull things being organised by my aunt. She tells me she has put them in a letter and our darling Ed has told me she will publish it so I don't have to read it. Thank you Ed. [you are welcome - Ed.]

Love you all.

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