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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 January

The Editor, Tilebury 'Harbinger'

2 January (by electronic mail)

Dear Madam,

I am very pleased to see that the Village newsletter is back. I for one was concerned that, after recent events, there would be no appetite for future editions of this much needed community resource.

As this edition is the first of the new run, may I take the liberty of making a few suggestions to you about how it may best serve us, its readers, over the coming months. Of course, as editor, you will have these points in mind at all times and I do not mean or intend to interfere with your stewardship. I trust therefore that you will take these suggestions with the goodwill with which they are intended:

  1. The newsletter should reflect the appropriate moral and political views of the members of the village. It would for instance be appropriate to reflect in your articles the villagers’ approval of hard work and dedication and avoid supporting fads or fashions common in less principled urban societies and the liberal media.
  2. The newsletter should be for the villagers. Hence concerns touching on others outside the village, although no doubt valid in many cases, should not be covered.
  3. The newsletter should serve both an informative and an educational purpose. The village would, as a whole, benefit from hearing improving moral stories and the examples of role models which can encourage constructive community behaviour.

I look forward to reading future editions of your promising paper.

With best wishes for the success of this reinvigorated venture,

Yours faithfully,

Doreen Davies

(Chairperson of the village integration and charitable purposes committee)

To Tilebury's Harbenger

undated [rec'd 31 December] (by hand)

Dear editoress,

I just wanted to raise a point which I think is very much important to all of us who live near the William Jenns school because there have been some things and nighttime activities which I am not sure are entirely what people would want to be happening in public, especially in places where children might be - although they are happening at night and so good children would probably be not there anyway. But I think we need to know about it so it can be stopped or at least moved elsewhere - I am not a prude.

I know that it is not rude as such for a man to be without clothes on the top half and that was all it was that could be seen but they did seem to be drinking from bottles and at least one of the women had a very short skirt of the sort which I for one have never had or even owned and would certainly not worn. It is happening in the little park with the strange wooden statue thing.

Perhaps the community could express its joint view and not need to involve the police.



To the Editor

31 December (by post)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be aware that the BBC will be filming in the streets behind Benedict's Street on numerous occasions during late January. The cameras will be set up near Benedict's Well, at the junction with Corn Street and down the length of T'mas Broad. Local residents are requested not to interfere with the filming and to be aware to avoid coming into shot accidentally. Extras will not be required.

Your readers may be interested to know that the recording is for a drama mini-series of four episodes scheduled to be shown on BBC3 in early autumn this year entitled Queen and Countr-E. It will feature Carmen Kissander and Leofric Gent.

We are grateful for your assistance.

Yours faithfully

Teri Dickson

(assistant director Queen and Countr-E)

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