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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 December

The Tilebury Hatteriger

28 November

Dear Editor

Please inform your readers that the area around the cottage on Aklare road which has been cordoned off by our incident scene officers should not be approached by any member of the public.

We will provide information to the press and public when we are able to. However, at this time we are acting on the basis of information received about limited threats to the wellbeing of those involved. Our specialist advisers recommend that escalation is not appropriate and we consequently continue to monitor the situation.

For that reason we would be grateful if the residents of Tilebury Village would avoid the area and seek only to assist where specifically requested to do so.

Update. 30 November

Please be aware that matters have not changed and so far we have been able to get in touch with relevant individuals within the premises who have confirmed that they are well and under no threat. Please therefore continue to leave these mattesr in the hands of the professionals. We will update you when we are able

Yours sincerely

Det. Insp. Carla Sia-Phon

For and on behalf of Wessex Police

The Tilebury Newsletter FAO interim Editor

29 November

Dear Sir,

Well perhaps this is I told you so. Not so much for me, I admit but for Doreen Davies who has been warning about the damage to the social fabric of the village from the indefensible behaviour of the Editor Mrs Lennier. She is getting her come-uppance and while I, and Doreen, deplore such impetuous behaviour we can both sympathise with the poor woman Mrs King who clearly thinks she has been forced into such actions by her powerlessness against the abuse of public authority from the editor of the Harbinger.

It is at times like this however that the truly public spirited individuals stand out and the colours of those who merely talk can be clearly seen. Doreen and I put aside our differences with Mrs Lennier and have given of our time to assist. We have been helping the police with understanding the background to events and the motivations of those involved. We have been on site every day to help in every way we can. We have been to the fire-blackened shell of the former Harbinger Offices to help the clear up and to see what we could do to save any valuable items from pilfering and to secure it against any children who might want to play in the ashes.

And we have noticed how we have been the only ones who have done so. I suspect Mrs Collett would have helped, except that she and Doreen are still working out some issues about the lawyer who did not act in their best interests. Otherwise the police have been without any local assistance except for the occasional gawker and busy-body.

I think this should tell you something and perhaps remind the village about who it chose to represent it in print and who it did not!

Yours faithfully,

Jacqueline Fernandez-Hernon


30 November (by email)

Dear Dr Dawes-Burritt,

I think I have to write to say something in the circumstances. I want to kill any rumours as rumours have done us all so much damage recently - including poor Kim. Your magazine has been at the heart of it and as you know I wasn't impressed with what you were doing in your frankly patronising 'research' during the election last month.

However, it is not time for that now. I am writing only to say that, as ever, the Reverend is being treated shamelessly - just because she is a lesbian and a woman. It is pretty public now that she and I are going out together and while it is really no-one else's business, most people now know that our relationship has caused the church to suspend her. I think that is disgusting but sadly not surprising in our modern world (Where people get away with vandalising artwork).

A load of male bishops will decide whether they think its okay for her to continue her job. You can guess what closed minded people like that will do. Will you on the Harbinger (assuming you continue now you don't have an office) come out fighting on her behalf? What about all that stuff about defending freedom now eh?

And the incident in the market square. We were together and Kim did find us. What of it? Adults behind closed doors - has nothing to do with you. Pity that Kim decided to do what she did to expose us.

But we forgive Kim - she's been acting strangely ever since she bought some of those spider plants which were selling cheaply from the woman who makes those hideous pots out of old bits of clothing. I touched the leaves of one once and it gave me a boost to my creativity but then I am an artist and used to handling an imagination in flight. For Kim it seems to be something quite different. Anyway, I'm sorry if anyone was traumatised by seeing me and the reverend tied naked to the lamp-post. I don't worry - because to me the human body is expression - but I am sorry if seeing us bothered anyone else.

So even though she didn't want to talk to us the other day we don't hold anything against her. She needs treatment and has been badly treated.

All I hope is that you all get behind her when she releases Fran.


Heather Reedman BFA

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