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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 August


4 July (by email)


This is absolutely outrageous. If you cannot keep control of your paper you should not be in charge of it. I am more than disgusted, I am livid. So much so I cannot even sit down to write this and it has taken me three goes just to get this far. I really, really hope you get sacked when this vote comes along in a few weeks.

My affairs and those of my friends are not sideshows to entertain you and your cronies. My lovely relationship with the author of your Handy tips column is just starting and I don't appreciate your little titters and quips. [I have neither tittered nor quipped. These complaints are properly addressed to the relevant columnists who are responsible for their content - Ed.]

She is a shy person and we don't need to be in your spotlight as a 'love triangle' (whatever that means) or anything else. I will sue you if you keep publishing things about my private life. I've spoken to a very interesting lady lawyer who is advising Miss D Davies who thinks I will have a real case. In the meantime I know both my friends plan to try to vote you out. Good riddance.

Heather Reedman BFA

The Editor, Tilebury 'Harbinger'

21 July (by Post)

Dear Madam,

It has taken me some time to come to terms with the latest enormity about my personal circumstances which you have allowed into your paper. Having wrestled energetically with my conscience about revealing my relationship with Alderman Cornelius in the public sphere, to have been so publicly derided and belittled by a jumped up failed actress like Miss Davies (F) has shaken my confidence in the proper order of things and the sanctity of personal rights in England.

I have also spoken at length to the Alderman who categorically assures me that there is not a grain of truth behind the allegations of philandering which appear to be directed at him. I believe him. [What you choose to believe is your business - Ed.] He confirms that, while he was in London on the relevant date (a fact I knew, before anyone tries to draw any inferences of secrecy) he was alone and on his own.

As to other ladies, of course he knows many of the villagers. A social acquaintance deriving from his position is perfectly to be expected and he should be protected from scandalous and fanciful interpretations of perfectly platonic relations. On his behalf I am disgusted.

Having thought hard on the subject the only possible candidate for the alleged 'other woman' would seem to be Dr Longstepp, whom Miss Davies (F) should know is not divorced - she merely no longer lives on the same continent as her husband. Nonetheless I have spoken to Dr Longstepp who assures me (at some length and with some asperity) that her relations with the Alderman are purely incidental. She is anyway not the sort of woman to excite male interest at her time of life. Please therefore desist any longer in this line of rumour-raking.

Yours faithfully

Susanna Arkwright

The Editor, Tilebury 'Harbinger'

31 July (Scan attached to email)

Dear Madam,

Our clients Miss D Davies and Mrs C Corkerham are naturally disappointed by the outcome of the contributors' vote yesterday (29 July). Nonetheless, they accept the outcome, being that Miss Davies is now a Trustee of the Tilebury Newspaper Trust alongside Ms Megan Kinear and yourself ex officio as editor. It is Miss Davies' intention to call regular trustee meetings to ensure that the direction of the paper is closely monitored.

Nonetheless, it was clear from the vote that a majority of the contributors supported Miss Davies and Mrs Corkerham in having a new editor appointed. Our clients strongly believe that a similar sentiment exists in the village at large. As a consequence they are now seeking a vote of the villagers on the appointment of the editor.

Under clause 6 of the Trust Rules any resident may call a public vote on two months' notice on the motion that the editor be required to resign. We hereby give notice on behalf of both our clients (who are Residents) that they wish to call such a vote.

We understand from a telephone call (Nuttall/Lennier) with you that you will arrange a public vote by ballot to be open throughout the day (until 9pm) in the saloon bar of the New Inn, Tilebury on 2nd October. I can confirm, although a departure from the trust rules, that our clients accept this arrangement. On that day all trustees shall (according to the rules) be deemed to have resigned and all (including the editor) will be re-elected by the Residents in accordance with Trust Rule 6. We understand that you will arrange neutral returning officers from Residents of the village but that the formal declaration will be made by the Chair contributor Ms Alia Morrow.

Please confirm that this meeting will be arranged and advertised through the Trust and the paper.

Yours faithfully

Morton Flix LLP (Contact Felicity Nuttall)

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