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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 September


8 August (by email)

Dear Editor

I am writing again in the interests of the law-abiding members of the village. As I said I am not someone who wants to interfere and I prefer to let people live and let live and I don't even live near the bar on Benedict's Well where the rock bands play so I am not disturbed by their noise.

However, I do want to say something, in part because it has worried me that we have neither a hospital nor even a doctor's surgery in the village and if anyone were to get hurt they would have to go to Taunton or Casterbridge which is a long way in the night.

The point I wanted to make was that the behaviour in the Ship Inn appears to have been getting more extreme and I am worried. There was a girl who ran out without any clothes on and she might have got pneumonia and on another occasion I have seen someone carrying a snake in a bag and I was particularly worried when I saw the Reverend going in and then coming out after a crying girl. Please can we all be astute to make sure everyone is looked after. Maybe someone should speak to the landlady Kirsten Krone-Wilson?


The Editor, Tilebury 'Harbinger'

12 August

Dear Madam,

I shall not write again. But I thought it was just and right for you to become aware of what your meddling and cruelty has achieved.

I have split with Alderman Cornelius. While I could have forgiven him perhaps if he had admitted to me about the other women, as it has been so publicly published I have no option but to tell the Alderman never to contact me again.

I suspect that is just what you and Miss Davies wanted. Well you win - you can have him. I shall die alone.

I hope you are pleased with yourself.

Yours faithfully

Susanna Arkwright

Dear Editor

14 August (Scan attached to email)

Dear Madam,

I write again as executive spokesperson of the Tilebury Green Party (please note that we are not affiliated to the national Green Party but support and share some of their societal platform) to inform you of the findings of our recent conversation with the human members of our village Ecosystem and the activities you as a resident of the village may shortly encounter.

It emerged in consensus through our conversation that members shared a determination to reprioritise our impact upon our environment to bring greater focus upon encouraging the thinking of male humans in particular to reduce their consumption patterns.

We have drawn up a list of impacts upon our earth which each of our society-members cause and will identify the most damaging such that we may approach the relevant individuals who are conducting them (dispropotionately male humans) and ask them to reconsider. Such activities are likely to include the pouring of concrete, the construction of new living space and the use of petrol in vehicles (particularly large ones).

As a non-confrontational and pacifist movement, our intention is to make a gift of a wild flower to each individual whom we approach on this basis. Such flowers will be a reminder of the environment which is suffering and the need for us all to change our behaviour. I have been asked to tell you that we hope you will let your readers know what meaning should to be ascribed to such a gift.

With thanks and esteem.

Yours faithfully

Thelda Tornt

(appointed executive spokesperson of the Tilebury Green Party (not affiliated to the national Green Party but supporting and sharing their societal platform)).

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