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Christina Collett

1 February

The Filming of Queen and Countr-E.

Before I get into the detail - the important thing here is this filming in our quiet village is about horrible things which don't happen here and we must stop it while we can.

I am a resident of T'mas Broad and a proud member of this community. Many of you will know me and that I do not thrust myself or my views upon others more than necessary.

In light of that - everyone should know and take action while we still can about this foul thing which we are soon never going to be able to shake like an albatross from round our neck. I don't think it has become wide enough known or people have not noticed what this filming that the BBC are doing is like.

Let me make it plain: the BBC is filming a show in our village about TAKING DRUGS!!!. One of the characters is a man who dresses as a woman and I understand is a homosexual. Another is a young lady whose face is painted in white paint and who has starved herself so she looks like she has been injecting herself with narcotic substances. They both regularly take tablets on camera which are meant to represent a drug called Ecstasy which is common in disreputable nightclubs in London.


This activity is being presented in a Rural town. When I told the cameraman that no-one takes drugs in a village (we don't need to - the clean air is enough) he said that there is a big problem with drugs in the countryside and this was a gritty realistic drama set in that world. I told him he was wrong. I have never met anyone taking drugs in Tilebury. He did not explain the need for a drag artist - which is a name for a man in lady's clothes. Previoiusly we might have referred to a female impersonator on stage.

I am very sad that it is the BBC which has done this - as they have brought us many great programmes over the years like Doctor Who. They are a public body who should act on behalf of the public. I for one have burnt my licence-fee direct debit certificate in front of the cameraman. We should get together and do it together (I will print another copy).

Certainly that letter we had that the Harbiger published from the BBC didn't spell it out at all. In fact I think that letter was a cynical and rather dismissing notice of something they didn't want us to interfere in.

I and my husband and our neighbour are out demonstrating about this every day. You can find us in T'mas Broad or Corn Street. We have a daily march at 10.30 before coffee and will be doing leaflets this week when they come back from the printers.

We need more support and people to come out and join us against this abuse of our home! Just think - who will be proud to say I come from Tilebury when our name is synonymous with drugs and debauchery? Will you?

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