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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 February

Winter cheer and arguments

There has been a lot going on this month and I hope that this instalment of the Harbinger will be entertaining and informative in equal measures. I have continued my policy of avoiding censoring the content received. The Harbinger will continue as a bastion of free speech under my guidance.

Free speech is reflected as much in the cross-section of opinion on the BBC's filming of Queen and Countr-E in the Village as anywhere else. That difference is explored fully in this issue. As editor it would not be right to take sides. However, I observe that many of those who have been building placards and marching up T'mas Broad have supporters in our letterbox, while those who have been toppling over the crowd-barriers to attract the attention of pasty film-stars have supporters in our cinemas.

In this issue we have help with putting up fences, thoughts about Valentine's day from both positive and negative perspective and some limited observations about wild flowers. Our correspondents express some positive and some less positive things about the first issue - I have decided it is only fair to ensure that even critical comments are reproduced even where they misunderstand the implications of editorial policy decisions I have taken. I do hope you enjoy reading our February issue.

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