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Our Natural Home - A country-woman's guide to England's nature - wild flowers

Camilla Corkerham.

1 February

I was just looking in the storeroom earlier and found some old prints of spring flowers that were just beautiful. I've put a couple of examples on the walls of Nature's Nook if anyone would like to drop in and see them.

Countryside flowers

It got me to thinking about our wild flowers and how beautiful they are. Admittedly, most of the ones in the pictures are crocuses and lilacs and so on, but we do have lots of beautiful wild versions which I am sure are equally as vibrant.

Countryside flowers

When I was growing up in Croydon I used to read books with pictures of wild plants with names like Queen Anne's Lace and Lords and Ladies. I wish now I could remember what they look like. I asked Terry but he is not very intereted in flowers. In spring I intend to do a round of our local fields with my spotter book.

I am sure that many of these flowers could form the base of some wonderful pictures and I promise my loyal friends who come to the gallery at Nature's Nook that I'll have a new range of our less commonly know flora to brighten up your cottages.

Obviously there is not much around in the village or fields at this time of year. Perhaps when the new cycle of growth reasserts itself in a few months there will be more to include in this column.

In the meantime there is always a warm welcome and a warm tea and some wonderful artistic things to buy at Nature's Nook.

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