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Reverend Eloise Everrett

1 May

Well I find this difficult to start on because it is a difficult subject which will not always been thought about by everyone in the same way and sometimes can be quite challenging I think. It is there in the bible and I think it is also in lots of entertaining books too and concerns fidelity and loyalty.

I am not talking here about adultery although that of course is a commandment, but when people are not married. And there is also lust (which is a deadly sin but not a commandment as such) and fornication (which is an old word and people don't do it any more).

All I can say is that there are some special relationships in which we invest more of ourselves than in others, even if we love all men and women we may not do it entirely equally. Those special relationships are ones we all choose because of who we are and what we want and we mustn't feel embarrassed about it, unless it is not in accordance with God's law and anyway our understanding of that has now changed so it is not so bad for people of the same sex for instance. God doesn't mind about that any more.

Anyway, there are some people who pick on vulnerable people to try to make them love them and then discard them callously and while this might not technically be a crime, particularly if they are not married, it is very sad and hurtful.

And I experienced one lady in the village who might be said to be in danger of becoming such a temptress (and the old testament is full of warnings about this) and trying to steal away another person and break up a lovely relationship which was just starting.

I think this kind of behaviour is often tolerated in the art world but this is a pity and it should not be expected to be true in normal society. Perhaps think about whether you are behaving properly in this way and whether God would approve.

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