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Reverend Eloise Everrett

1 August

There are times when there has to be a line drawn in the sand which people must not go over or that would be unacceptable.

There have been a number of things which have happened which I have initially tolerated but then it has become quite enough and I think I should really stand up for the things which are right and stop the things which are not. One of those things is the unacceptable things which have been increasingly published in this paper in some of the columns (although not others). I said this to the editor Mrs Lennier, who is not a churchgoer but who I always thought was nonetheless a very moral person.

I believe she is a moral person but she has a strange view of allowing other people to be amoral which is not really acceptable so I said to her that if she did not agree to stop certain things being said about innocent people such as my friends and other people too, because I care about everyone in the village (and outside it too) then I could not support her as editor any more. She said she couldn't so I said I couldn't either and so I voted for Miss Davies (Doreen). She won but it is a pity that unfortunately the editor hasn't been changed.

Except I don't mean that because it is not for me to say who should be editor and it seems the law has been followed. And I think we should all follow the law, unless it conflicts with God's law which it shouldn't do because that was how the law was made in the first place.

And the other line in the sand is writing about me and my friend in such rude terms. She has been very insulted and hurt which is a very great pity and means she hasn't been round to speak to me.

I have decided not to be angry on my own behalf because I have known for some time that I was married first to the church and secondly to a different sort of partnership to other people. But my friend doesn't like to talk about it and anyway we are just friends. So that is all there is to say about it and I would prefer that nothing else was said. My other friend the artist is also very insulted but seems not to have let it get to her and hasn't stopped talking to me so I have been talking things over with her a lot.

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