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Reverend Eloise Everrett

1 November

I am pleased that the editorship of the Harbinger has now been resolved and we don't have to worry too much about that any more, which is a good thing. Although I am sorry for Miss Davies (D) because she so wanted to help and I really think that she could have done and now won't be able to.

However, a tribe cannot have two chieftains so now we know who the chief is going to be then it is best that we don't have another one bobbing about. And I was also taught a lesson about pride and humility by the way in which the election was concluded. After all, I was in the Ship Inn when the call was made to go vote. I have been continuing my project to speak more to the normal people of the village - those who don't always come to church and won't for instance have heard my sermon I prepared for the Processing of the Lamb which I read again on Sunday and seems to have gone very well.

And I think I have been making some progress by having a representative of the church in the common activities of the village. That is why I think I understand why everyone in the Ship Inn was prepared to go and vote for Mrs Lennier when they were asked. I'm sure psychologists will have theories about how we are supposed to think about things. But, I believe things may be more simple than that and Jesus' teaching on the mount will tell us that the humble are blessed because they would inherit the Earth. Well if Jesus loves the humble that much then it must be right that they get to vote for things.

And I have observed that they tend to prefer Mrs Lennier to Miss Davies (D) because they think she is more entertaining and publishes more interesting things than Miss Davies (D) would do. So it is not surprising that they voted for Mrs Lennier and it is right that they were encouraged to vote and inherit the Earth that they wanted.

Finally, I must say that it is very sad that Miss King has decided to cut herself off from everyone including her closest friends. I am still one of her closest friends, even if things have been difficult between us recently so it is me from whom she has cut herself off. I should say that was a misunderstanding and anyway everything is now in the past as I have been saying to Heather Reedman who is very wise about such things and anything which Miss King might have thought about my intentions is not relevant any more as I have a new special friend. So maybe I could hope that she will let me off and let me visit her cottage without all the alarms going off.

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