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Reverend Eloise Everrett

1 October

I thought a lot about the events of the Procession of the Holy Lamb and although obviously they were very sad and disrespectful to God and the church and history and Mr Alderman Cornelius (even if he has been behaving badly recently, maybe like a lost sheep he will repent and return to the fold), they have made me even more determined to seek out those who are being led astray amongst the youth and to help them to understand the right ways to act.

I said some things like that in the church in my sermon when we did get to the end of the procession (even without the lamb which I understand was stolen but now has returned like the prodigal son) although I think most people were not listening. I have decided to give it again becuase it was quite good and no-one can remember it.

So I went to my friend Miss Reedman and talked about it and she was very happy because the people of Swindon have bought lots of her artwork which is just great so we had some champagne and stayed up very late. So late that when I went home there was no-one else around in the village except Kimberley King who was some way away looking through a telescope in the dark and she does not want to talk to me at the moment so I left her alone.

Anyway, I am going to keep going to events in the village in order to get to know more of the young people and to try to make them think about the serious messages behind the Holy Lamb and not just its facebook page.

I don't really understand how the lamb got a facebook page but I hope it will not now continue and everyone will listen to the sermon this time when I deliver it on Sunday.

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