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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 May

A bid for power

My editorial decision to discontinue the Special Correspondent column (in light of the conclusion of the BBC's filming) receives some criticism this month. I stand by that decision which was clearly expressed in my last editorial.

I do not feel any need to explain myself as my reasons are obvious. Nonetheless, I would make one comment that there is a core of the more affluent and less occupied members of the village who have disproportionate influence in most of the village activities. Those individuals are sometimes deluded into thinking that their own particular views are in the majority. I, for one, doubt that and my mail-bag supports my view.

And I hope that those who do form the majority (often the quiet majority - made up of people who do not write regular letters to the editor) enjoy this issue.

This month we have basically given up on any insightful comments on country wildlife, but instead have an enjoyable description of items for sale in a well known village shop. Differing views on village events are reported, the Reverend helps us with her views on something and we learn how to knock down a wall if you are petite. Sadly we have no thoughts on staying mentally healthy, which might in itself explain some of this month's submissions.

And if any young sports people want to advertise energy drinks - have a look at the letters page

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