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Our Natural Home - A country-woman's guide to England's nature - Mushrooms

Camilla Corkerham.

1 July


Mushrooms are so interesting. They live in all sorts of places - basically anywhere where it is sufficiently damp out of direct sunshine and there are things to decompose [Like Ireland? Ed.]. Sometimes they just appear in the grass like rings [Rings, of course, being well known for appearing in grass. Ed.]. They are really interesting in part because they are not a plant.


A little while ago I came across a lot of mushrooms growing on dead trees and things so I got Terry to take some photos of them to brighten up my article this month. They are quite pretty in a way. I think you can eat some of them. [This is not recommended. Ed.]


Well I am very pleased to say that the caterpillars have been a great success and all over the village now I am sure there are lots forming their chrysalises so we can have some beautiful butterflies soon - or maybe we do already? If anyone wants to send me some photos of butterflies they have hatched that would be very good advertising for Nature's Nook.


Less pleasing is the snakes. I am pretty sure now we have lots of snakes running around the village. I've been quite worried and now I don't go out unless I am wearing very thick boots with ankle protection in case there is anything hiding down there which might be able to bite me if all I was wearing was tights. This is getting quite annoying though because the weather is hot and I would like to be able to wear sandals so I can't wait for the moment we get the all clear. Terry of course thinks I am over-reacting but he wouldn't be so pleased if he had to take me to hospital in a rush.


Finally, this may be the last Countryfile I do, as Doreen (Davies) and I have plans to revamp the columns if we are elected as trustees. I am probably going to be doing a column on local business instead of wildlife which will be a relief because I don't konw that much about wildlife really [Really!! Ed.] (having grown up in Croydon) and I have to do quite a lot of research each month [!!!!!!!! Ed.]. Whereas I've run a business for ages and I know all about that.

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