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Kimberley King (No job too easy - quick, effective maintenance and repairs)

1 September

You can do it - ridding yourself of snakes

First find out where the snakes live. That should be easy - lots of people have seen them coming and going.

Then scout out the place. This time of year there are quite a few gaps or holes big enough for a snake to fit through. Actually a snake can get through a hole as small as a letterbox.

Catching your snake

These are constrictors - means they wrap around you and squeeze you. Really - they're not going to kill an adult woman at their current size (won't make any promises if you give 'em a few years and they work up from gerbils to rabbits, puppies, lambs, dogs - you get the idea). But they can still bite so elbow length gloves - I've got some good ones for working in drains.

Then it goes like this:

  1. Early morning or late evening - when its got cold - they move slower. Litter picking grabbers. Approach slowly.
  2. Get the snake as close to the head as you can - hold it away from you at arm's length.
  3. Pop it through the letterbox or open window you found.
  4. Wait for the screaming [and the news article - Ed.]

Easy A?

A warning.

I'm not in the mood to talk. So don't try.

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