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Tilebury Newspaper Trust

Chair Francesca Lennier (ex officio, as Editor)

1 November

The following is a transcript of the record of the outcome of the trust ballot held on 2 October at the New Inn, Tilebury. The original is signed by Alia Morrow as Chair of the contributors, and Charlyene Brunt-Harris and Paula Harting as returning officers.

We confirm that the public vote was open from 9am to 9pm in the Saloon Bar of the New Inn, there were no irregularities in voting and following a count taken by the returning officers the outcome of the public vote was:

Francesca Lennier, Juliet Greener and Corrine Celia are consequently elected as Trustees of the Tilebury Newspaper Trust in accordance with the Trust Rules.

Alia Morrow, Charlyene Brunt-Harris, Paula Harting (all Residents)

Other trust documents are linked from the side bar.

Please address all communications for the attention of The Editor, The Mews Office, Market street.

We have a box at the post office for ideas and notes.