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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 November

Grateful for Success

I'm still here. I don't wish to crow but I would like you to know that I am very grateful for confirming my policies by voting in favour of me. In particular, I am very pleased that the balance was swayed by members of the village whom Doreen Davies assumed would not vote. The events are recorded in our Events Section and the results set out in the Trust Section.

Which is really the point. Because Doreen ignored you - ignored the members of the village who she does not speak to and in whose interests and occupations she has no interest. Thank you to those who listen to music in the Ship Inn. Thank you to those who work hard and commute. Thank you to the quiet majority who do not go to Doreen's charity lectures. I am sure you will read Doreen's observations with an open mind.

Which means I can bring you an edition full of interesting material. We have a letter from the Green Party/Alliance which is self explanatory (or if it isn't then I can't help you), some rather aggressive words from our Handywoman who has gone to ground in her fortified cottage, the outcome of some experiments conducted by our Psychologist and the story of modern musicians and ancient bards.

Finally, we have warnings of poisonous pot-plants and the opportunity to buy them as well as the chance to read new lyrics from Jimmy Keegen and to own signed copies of his and Cold Shoulder's new albums.

It should be an enjoyable read and I hope you all enjoy it. I have prepared it for all those who voted (either way). Thank you again.

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