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Tilebury Newspaper Trust

Chair Francesca Lennier (ex officio, as Editor)

1 August

Minutes of the Contributors Meeting of the Tilebury Newspaper Trust held at the New Inn on 29 July 2015 at 6pm

In attendance:

  1. Alia Morrow (Chair and minutes)
  2. Francesca Lennier (Editor)
  3. Camilla Corkerham (Trustee Candidate)
  4. Doreen Davies (Trustee Candidate)
  5. Fiona Davies (Trustee Candidate) (left shortly after 6pm returning approx 6.25pm)
  6. Christina Collett
  7. Rt Hon Eve Dalgleish-Morton (contributing as Epona)
  8. Jacqueline Fernandez-Hernon
  9. Kimberley King
  10. Reverend Eloise Everrett
  11. Dr Brenda Dawes Burritt
  12. Dr Harriett Longstepp

Also present:

  1. Ms Felicity Nuttall (Solicitor, Morton Flix LLP representing Miss D Davies and Mrs Corkerham).
  2. Megan Kinear (arriving from approx 6.35pm)

After some discussion the chair ruled that the attendees above were all Residents who had qualified to vote by making two or more published contributions to the Tilebury Harbinger within the last 12 months. Ms Kinear did not vote. As she expressed no wish to do so, no decision was taken on her entitlement.

The chair explained the procedure for the meeting. Ms Nuttall requested permission to speak and was granted it by the chair. She elaborated on certain legal requirements for the proceedings.

Miss D Davies was invited to speak by the chair and set out at some length her vision for the Harbinger and some of its assets. These included:

  • Replacing a number of the current columns with other submissions more in line with a 'moral' purpose for the Harbinger;
  • Selling off some of the trust's assets to raise funds for other community works (unspecified) at the discretion of the trust;
  • Censoring submissions such that they did not give offence to members of the community;
  • using the Harbinger to try to instil more community-minded behaviour in certain sections of the village.

Mrs Corkerham was invited to speak by the chair and said she was fully in support of Miss Doreen Davies and would vote in favour of making her editor.

Fifi Davies reappeared in a rush, totally out of breath and dripping with sweat and made a half-baked and nonsensical speech about fighting in the last trench. She assured the contributors that they knew what she meant.

The contributors were invited to put questions to the candidates. None were put.

The chair announced that the first new trustee would be elected and sought votes in the order above. The results were:

  1. Miss D Davies 6 votes
  2. Miss F Davies 4 votes
  3. Abstained 1 vote
  4. Chair did not vote

The Chair declared that Miss D Davies had been duly elected.

The Chair announced the vote for the second trustee. At this stage Ms Kinear interrupted to announce that there were a full complement of trustees so no further vote was required. She identified herself as a trustee and referred to the original deed.

Upon consideration of the Deed and subsequent documents the Chair spoke with Mrs Lennier, Ms Nuttall, Miss D Davies, Miss F Davies and Mrs Corkerham and ruled that the trustee positions were all filled and consequently no further vote was required.

The chair confirmed that the trustees of the Tilebury Newspaper Trust were Mrs Lennier (as editor), Miss D Davies and Ms Kinear and concluded the meeting.

Other trust documents are linked from the side bar.

Please address all communications for the attention of The Editor, The Mews Office, Market street.

We have a box at the post office for ideas and notes.