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Aunt Ali

1 August

Dear Aunt Ali,

I don't know what to do.

I am a trust fund baby who has cruised through life getting daddy to buy me anything I want.

I assumed money could buy me anything so I bought a date with the best looking boy in the village and assumed he'd love me. He did for a bit but now he's dropped me because he's off on tour around the country where there will be lots of female fans and groupies who'll want to get into his pants and he doesn't want them to find me there. I feel used.

Please advise.

Mel Ting-Hart

Don't worry, you will get through it.

It was inevitable - like balancing an egg on the edge of a desk and going to the loo.

Basically, you tore him away from people who loved him more and knew him better and that wasn't going to work unless you were yourself more than just a spoilt rich kid. Anyway - looks like he's going to be richer than you on his own soon, so money's not going to help.

Best just forget about it and starting working on something which depends upon skill and dedication, not just cash. Like archery. Others have had success at that.

Dear Aunt Ali,

I don't know what to do.

I am a nice person but I made a bit of a fool of myself in public and now I am very ashamed.

I was at The Ship Inn when Jimmy Keegan's band was playing and he had a very public row with that horsey girl he'd been hanging out with and I thought maybe this was my chance to get him back (we used to be very close). So I drank too many blackcurrant ciders for such dutch courage and then took all my kit off and waited for him backstage. But one of the long-haired [persons] in that new grunge band spotted me and stole my clothes and then told the whole pub where I was. I had to run through the whole crowd naked and run all the way home. Now I can't go out anymore for shame. And I still haven't got my bra back.

Please advise.

Star Struck

Don't worry, you will get through it.

Most people won't hold it against you. And Jimmy is off on tour now so maybe you need to use the break to get over him.

The important thing to do is get your own back on the long-haired, cold shouldered louts who exposed you (so to speak). Get on a winning streak (so to speak). Life is not about what battles we lose, but whether we bounce back.

And from what I saw, you've got plenty to bounce back with.

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