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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 June

The value of a range of opinions

There is only one thing I should deal with in this editorial. As editor I have received formal notice of a meeting to appoint new trustees of the Harbinger. Firstly I confirm that this newspaper will arrange that meeting and I will attend in good faith.

I will also abide by the decision of the trustees when a complete Board of Trustees is formed. While I cannot stand (being already a trustee) I invite some Tilebury Residents to come forward in support of the paper and to stand as Trustees against Miss D Davies and Mrs Corkerham.

Let us have no doubt - this is a clear attempt to replace me as editor of the Harbinger with Miss Doreen Davies. That may appeal to some people, including those who have supported her through the pages of this paper.

However, I remain clear that it is not in the interests of this paper nor of the village for there to be a change of editorial policy. I have taken an intentional decision to allow all contributors to the Harbinger to take their own unrestricted approach to their own content. That is freedom of speech writ large and the current challenge to it is no more than a, perhaps inevitable, attempt to set up censors to control the thoughts and attitudes of the Harbinger's readers. I have stood up against the conceit and superiority which such believers in censorship exert. If I am replaced I expect the future editor to embrace it with vigour.

I will publish further information about the vote and the reasons for remaining with the current editorial approach in the next issue. But, you may be surprised to learn, I will also continue to publish any such material which my opponents provide so both points of view can be fully understood.

I shall not abuse my position to seek support for my own cause, however, in acting fairly I hope that readers will see what they are potentially losing. For my opponents will never be so bold.

Please address all communications for the attention of The Editor, The Mews Office, Market street.

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