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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 March

Improving Village life

There is plenty going on in Tilebury and in the Harbinger. I would like to start by thanking our regular correspondents whose latest messages can be found in our Letters page. We do read and value all such contact. In fact I am hereby expressly taking the advice in one of those letters by confirming that under my steerage, I promise to be fearless as editor.

And I shall display my fearlessness by confirming I shall publish fairly all the views I receive whatever position they take and whether or not they agree with me or I agree with them. I will not censor. I will stand up to be counted and shot at as an angel of free speech. And the Harbinger shall be my mouthpiece.

Talking of mouthpieces - this month we have news of a new mouthpiece for the environmental left, advice on gutters and jackets, some rather impressionistic observations about insects, the story of a murdering robber with a twist (and overtones of Lady Godiva), a local hero with a bow and a wide range of views on the subject of a recent valentine's party. I am also pleased to announce the start of a Classified section - please let us know if you have goods to sell.

Please address all communications for the attention of The Editor, The Mews Office, Market street.

We have a box at the post office for ideas and notes.