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Editor: F Lennier. BA (hons) (Mrs)

1 October

Tension and the prospect of plenty of snapping

If the Horoscopes are anything to go by, then there is still plenty of tension in the village. Frankly, with respect to Epona, I didn't need the stars to tell me that. The manifestos for the newspaper trust would be enough to tell me that not everyone agrees with me - although I would have to be pretty deaf and blind not to have realised that from some of the behaviour in the village towards me.

Nonetheless one of the costs of public life is to suffer the brickbats of nay-sayers. If they think they can get enough others to say nay with them I shall gladly accept their criticism. If not - and I hope that when you all go to the polls in a couple of days time you will make it clear to them how much support they really command - then I trust they will do the same.

The snakes seem less in evidence. Perhaps they have scuttled into holes. Check your drainpipes before the winter rains. I fear our handywoman will probably not be prepared to help you as she seems to have other things on her mind.

By contrast the Holy Lamb appears to have been more energetic than expected. An article from the lamb's participation in a Stag day shows us that it is having almost as much fun as other members of the village. It has also caused our psychologist to muse on the importance or otherwise of accuracy and our Reverend to be inspired to save those who have too much fun.

Meanwhile we have been on TV both as the setting for a drama and as the home of people complaining about that drama. Our artists are contributing to Swindon's culture.

Finally I ask that you think carefully before casting your vote on the trust and the newspaper. Read this edition and think what it might be like under the editorship of Miss D Davies. If that prospect fills you with joy then vote for her and her followers. If not, please do not let apathy bring her victory. Do not doubt for a minute that she will mobilise her supporters - she is, at least, good at that sort of thing.

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